Back on my Feet!

As many people are aware, last school year I underwent a procedure called Lapidus Bunionectomy. This is just a fancy way of saying bunion removal.

Growing up, I have always had bunions, but recently they have worsened and started to cause pain even when I was doing mild activity like walking around at school. My mom suggested that I think about having surgery and I immediately said yes.

The surgery consists of breaking the bone that connects the big toe to the ankle, realigning the bone structure, and putting pins to hold everything in place. It sounds like it would be super painful–which it is–but it was definitely not as bad as I was expecting.

I had the second surgery on my second foot three days ago. With a total three month recovery process, I will be out of school for 4-6 weeks if everything goes to plan. I am happy that I hopefully have these problems behind me, but I am sad that I have to spend so much of my senior year bedridden. I just can’t wait to get back on my feet! 

In the below picture, you can see a before/after picture of my right foot. In the next picture you can see the scar on the side of my right foot and the bandages and boot I have on my left foot, now.

-Jessica Barrett

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