Life’s Greatest Lessons

I interviewed my grandmother, Jewel Sykes, asking her what was life’s greatest lessons. She told me that life’s greatest lessons were to forgive others .When I asked her what advice can you give teenagers today to have a successful life, she said always put God first because you can’t do anything without him, obey your parents, be the best you can be, help others, respect your elders, stay in school and go to college, so you can get a good education.

From this interview I learned that getting a good education is important, but putting God first should be your number one priority in your life. If you forgive others you will be blessed and that you should accept the effects you may have done in the past. To succeed you need something to hold on to, and something to inspire and motivate you. If you have faith in yourself you can do anything.

~Brianna Chandler

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