Special Olympics

On April 11, 2018, our school participated in the annual Special Olympics held at Tupelo High School. The Special Olympics provides a day where students with intellectual and physical disabilities can come together and participate in various sports and activities. The Special Olympics is an event that is held nationwide at different schools, but luckily, Tupelo High has hosted it in our area for years. Although this is an annual event, this was Nettleton’s first time attending it in quite a while!

Our school was able to take students from all grades to participate in this special event. The day started with an opening ceremony. All of the different schools in our area walked in a parade led by someone carrying the torch. During the parade, people in the crowd were cheering the students on and waving, so the students loved it! All day, our students went to various activities and competed against students from other schools. Some of these activities were soccer, racing, throwing, etc..

This was a very special day because it was the Special Olympics! The students loved this event and competing in these events. We are beyond grateful that our area values these children and provides them with an opportunity to come together with other schools and just have fun!

~Jessica Barrett

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