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Eight Days of Hope!! by Jessica Barrett

There are many people that have heard about an organization called Eight Days of Hope, but a lot of people don’t know the hard work and dedication it takes to serve in this type of ministry.  8DOH is a Christian, … Continue reading

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Back on my Feet!

As many people are aware, last school year I underwent a procedure called Lapidus Bunionectomy. This is just a fancy way of saying bunion removal. Growing up, I have always had bunions, but recently they have worsened and started to … Continue reading

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13 Reasons Why Quiz

What was the protagonist’s name? Terri Hannah Claire Zoey Who was tape number 5? Zach Sheri Clay Courtney What number tape was Clay? 5 10 11 13 Who did Hannah trust with the tapes? Clay Tony Ryan Dalton How did … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Like most children, I grew up watching classic Disney movies. Recently, the beloved cartoon was remade into a live-action version of the classic story, Beauty and the Beast. Although some people were fearful that the movie would not give the … Continue reading

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Yearbook Checklist

  Yearbook: ALWAYS MEET DEADLINES. Keep your area clean (because it will make Mrs. Schlicht happy which will make your life better) Be one step ahead Always read your emails because you never know when Mrs. Schlicht sends you changes … Continue reading

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Bio Box: Debbie Schlicht

Bio Box Debbie Schlicht: Position: High School Library Media Specialist and Journalism Teacher Specialty: making homemade biscuits Professional Credentials: BA English from Mississippi University for Women, Library Media Certification & Nationally Board Certified in Library Media Currently working on: Trying … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Sing

Sing, an animated childrens’ movie, has hit it off in the movie theatres. The story follows the attempt to save a theatre owned by a koala, which has clearly seen its better days. The koala, Buster Moon, decides to host … Continue reading

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